I Was Wrong All Along

After four months of work, AI Liam is officially live and FREE to for you to try...

I Was Wrong All Along.


It's the one thing that makes passing my knowledge down to thousands of other entrepreneurs extremely difficult.

Every industry, every use case, every one of you is unique.Β 

There is no template-able solution.

All of last year, I was trying to force this one size fits all scientific approach, until it occurred to me...Β 

I was tackling this problem the wrong way.

I needed to run towards these indifferences, and leverage the technology that I've become enamoured with to help me out once again.

That's when it started, the mission to make the greatest AI business coaching platform that the industry has seen....

what I am calling AI Liam.

AI Liam is YOUR personal AI business coach.Β 

AI Liam will learn about your specific situation (experience, skills, connections and more) and then, with a brand-new proprietary system I've crafted alongside my CTO,Β Β it will work with you side by side through your personalised strategy to get your AI Agency off the ground.

Your strategy is broken down into key steps and subtasks, each supported by our in-house resources and tools to make it as easy as possible.

I've poured my heart and soul into ensuring that I set the bar as high as possible and I'm extremely excited for you to try it out!

AI Liam if officially live and FREE to try now. Just click HERE to gain access.

I'll see you on the other side.

- Liam